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Block Time Contracts

Block Time contracts are based on purchasing a plan with a set amount of support hours for a secure price allowing you the savings from straight Time billing. Our Block Time contracts offer you next day business service guarantee, and we offer 3 types of plans listed below.

BT Plan-10: $1100.00 for 10 hours of support ($110.00 per hour).
BT Plan-20: $2000.00 for 20 hours of support ($100.00 per hour).
BT Plan-40: $3800.00 for 40 hours of support ($95.00 per hour).

Computer network design, integration, and support are vital to running your company, and we know how important even the simplest tasks can be to your network. We make sure that the technology for solutions you need are employed, including monitoring of network Servers, Security, Remote Access accommodations, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), and Data Storage.

So whether your looking for a full service solution provider to take on a small project or provide a full-scale customizable network support agreement, Data Integrity Computer Systems will be able to assist you and your staff.