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Data Integrity Backup Storage - DIBS

We can offer to back-up critical data files that are important to your business. The backup procedures are performed seamlessly and without interruption to your business day. Files that are deleted or in case of a system wide data failure, your files can be retrieved. Security is absolute with our propriety Data Integrity software.
Why do companies continue to put their data files at risk?
What would happen to your business if you lose your data through fire, theft, disk failure, virus infection, corruption, accidental deletion, or ex-employee vandalism.
Do you backup your data nightly to tapes or disks and then?

  Leave them near the computer.

  Store the backup tapes at the same office.

  Overwrite tapes out of turn.

  Fail to update tape labels correctly.

  Or worse, bad media/tape errors when trying to restore files from over used tapes.

  Rely on staff to remember to backup every night and to check its success.

How much do you value your data? Your Accounting data? Your client data?
We offer daily, nightly, weekly, or monthly backup procedures for your critical folders and files. Choose the plan that fits your needs. Call us for a proposed solution to off-site data storage collection.